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ARB/Gear help?


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I've been calling around for price quotes to install my ARBs/4.88s. I wasn't planning on paying $1000 for someone to install the lockers and setup my gears (I already ran the air lines to the axles and wired the switches/solenoids).

This will be the only work done to my jeep by someone other than myself because I'm not confident enough to setup my own gears.

Anyone have the tools/knowledge to help a guy out? I can provide everything else including $$. I'm on a tight budget and want to get these in before moab in october.

Let me know, Thanks.
If I had any time, I'd do them for you.

Is it a D-30/8.25 combo? Are they out of the vehicle, or can you leave the vehicle with me for a week?

They are in the vehicle, D30/D44. I don't think it would be a problem leaving it with you. The rig doesn't fit in most garages, if it would be easier for you I could drop the axles and bring them over. Let me know.
If you dropped the axles, it would be excellent, and the price would decrease dramatically. :) I could do them sometime in September. I'll PM you.