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Anyone see new cherokee in china?

Ted Z

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Bejing Jeep
I like everything but the grill itself, too big. Interior looks fantastic too. Once again proof DC made a grave error; XJ had lots of life left in it, especially since boxes are cool, ask real Jeepers, Benz designers, Hummer and Studebaker and the military. Last years model looked a little better, grill was normal sized but didnt have the fancy lights or molded in flares.

Those taillights look like they have the rounded areas at the sides like the kj. BTW, they didnt say where the persons who ordered any of the 500 units are at. I agree that the XJ had a lot more life in it yet,classic,copied,box. But unlike many, you can actually see out.

Just my two cents.
I really like the headlights, definately updates the look. But that grill IS way too big.

Should have done a more ZJ style grill treatment with those headlights, the poportion looks off...unless of course it was meant as a shit-eating grin, then it all makes perfect sense. :)
XJZ said:
...unless of course it was meant as a shit-eating grin, then it all makes perfect sense. :)

That sounds like the perfect choice of words. I agree. This is definitely what DC shoudl have done to modernize the XJ.

Oh well. At least someone is out there doing it right...
Personally the front looks a little like a subaru forester.

The body molding is a little excessive for my tastes but I still like it better than the KJ which from this picture looks like they stole the KJ tailights.

Not the best job, but I think this would have looked a little better, incorporate some vents in the lower valence (WJ like) and I think we would have a winner.


Is there a 'no-compete/no import' US and Canada clause in the Bejing Jeep agreement? (disregarding the USDOT 'new' safety specs)

Anyone know if those BJ Jeeps have low or hi-pinion 30 fronts? What rear axe?
Nah, grill just doesn't look right. If that's the way the XJ was heading, I'm glad it didn't stay in production. Looks like someone just went and put pieces of other vehicles on there.