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AC - Refridgerant & Lines


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Two AC questions...

I seem to have blown out an AC line so they need replacing, anybody know where I can find them? I checked the usual suspects (minus the dealer so far) and have found nothing.

Second - since I blew that line I lost all my R-134a, I've heard good things about a product called Duracool, anybody have experiance with this and an older XJ? I am not very happy with the performance of 134a in my old designed for R-12 system.

One time, at band camp, (actually on Paine Hill in Massachussetts) my motor mounts were shot and the engine tilted over under throttle in 4-low and the fan machined a nice hole in the aluminum AC line. This was in March (snow wheeling!) mind you, and I didn't discover this until June when I went to use the AC and no go. Long story short, the repair shop had to get the line from the dealer.
Do you have a native 12 or 134a system? I should check that out because my motor mounts are shot too and I was playing on the dunes when it musta happened (think full thorttle all the time!).

Have you tried the usual salvage yards for the refrig. lines yet? Wonder if they sell them. Anway, R-12 made by duPont of couse is still readily avaliable at something like $4/lb in Mexico and youre in Redondo which is not too far but not close either, still r-12 is like $70 per pound here. I live in San Diego county and could probably help you out if your are interested. Did you throw out the r-12 parts when you converted?
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bajacalal said:
Did you throw out the r-12 parts when you converted?

Nah, I did the poor mans conversion - I used the port adaptors and all that jazz.

I haven't checked bone yards yet, I just found out about the leak when driving back from Pismo on Sunday.

I might take you up on that R-12 offer. I'd LOVE to have cool AC!

I have R12...but it is $30 a can (12 oz.) and you would probably need 2-3 cans and you would still need a way to install it.
Personally I would stay away from R134 alternatives. Most of the time they are not simply drop in, and need a lot of work to convert the system properly to get the stuff to run. Plus, most AC shops won't touch the system if it isnt R12 or R134. I would suspect there would be other problems in your AC system that caused poor operation, and not blame the R134. When you did the conversion, the receiver drier needs to be changed out because the R12 dessicant material is not compatible with R134. This alone could cause issues with ice or foreign material in the AC system causing poor performance. Not to mention R12 and R134 oils are not compatible, unless Ester Oil was used. Or there could have been simply other issues with the AC system.

Also, if the O-rings and lines were not retrofitted to R134 spec, the R12 O rings will cause leaks and so will the lines over time..

Plus if your gonna recharge a system that has been exposed to the atmosphere, it is not going to be as easy as hooking up a manifold set and recharging the system. You need to evacuate the system to get all the air and moisture out, or your going to just have more problems.

If you want a working AC system, I would suggest taking it to a shop to get it done.
I have used Freeze-12 - or what some int he A/C industry call a "suicide kit" since it is supposed to destroy your system as well as bring about the end times - and have been very happy with it. I am not yet willing to put down teh money to have a good R-134 system.