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a little speed video


NAXJA Forum User
This is from Mojave road over st pattys weekend. this was a on the fly video that was an accident. we just finished helping a friend with a snapped dana 30 and were on our way to finish the trail.

hey Crazyjim, the shocks on the green XJ in the vid were from your jeep. He towed down from Oregon to wheel the trail with us. nothin special in the vid just a fun straight section.

Cool vid, like the Cash song!

I wish there were places like that around here that I could go flat out every once in a while, I like crawlin but taking 12 hours to go 12 miles makes for a long day sometimes.
that was pretty sick! like the guy above me said, the best part was the cash, for sure! i think my jeep would fall apart in short order if i tried to have that kind of fun! i jumped it stock a couple times, and thought everything was ok, then just a couple weeks ago i went to swap the motor and noticed how fubar my stock upper control arms are. i'll be replacing them soon.:D