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99 XJ Electric Fan

Scott Williams

NAXJA Forum User
Wilmington, NC
Just checking to see if this is normal...
my electric fan on the radiator runs normally when the truck gets a little heated. It comes on correctly and runs until the temp gets back down to normal, then turns off. However when I turn on the AC, the fan runs for like 8 seconds, turns off for about 10 seconds, and then comes back on. It does this over, and over.
Is this normal? Nothing seems wrong, but it just seems wierd.
IIRC the fan should come on and stay on while on AC.... every so often mine kicks out and in... but nothing like what you're describing.... Maybe a nad relay?

My 97 does approximately the same thing and has from day 1. Haven't really timed it though.
On my '98......

The A/C fan is supposed to go on and off with the compressor. As far as i can remember this is how it works on every vehicle that i have seen/worked on and includes my Jeep.

The close cycling sounds like either the system does not have to do much cooling so is cutting on and off more frequently, or you have it on defrost and is how is supposed to do, or the system's charge is low.
Do you hear a metallic *Click* and teh engine slightly change speeds (if it's just at idle)? If so I'd say it is that clutch opening and closing on yoru AC.

How cold is the output of the AC on Max?
The fan on my 99XJ does the same thing... but great question because I'd wondered if mine was normal too.

Re-reading your entry, if on the A/C setting the compressor should not be cycling like that if the temp is hot outside. If you are running it on cooler days, is more normal. Constant on and off cycling like that would be hard on the system so cannot imagine the engineers would want that...in addition would hurt the A/C's ability to cool well. The system on my '98 does not cycle like that. If on a hot day, can stay on a long time. Sounds like the refrig level is low.
Re: Scott......

Judd W. VA said:
Sounds like the refrig level is low.

What he said.