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97 + seats in an 87


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dirty Joisey
i have an 87 xj limited with power leather seats.. not only are the seat motors going.. but the drivers side seat is broken down on one side and i almost fall out of the jeep. my question is.. if i snag a pair of seats out of a 97 or new xj will they bolt on or will i be making brackets? i also want to convert to manual seats.. TIA
hmmmm 97+ seats are not thaat comfy..... You might want to look into some aftermarket ones and do it right the first time around :) :)

after just splurging on a bunch of parts for my xj ( hard parts ) used is what i can afford and i personally liked the ones in my 97.. they were worlds better than the 87's :D plus i need to cage my xj before the summer wheelin season hits :D