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97-01 xj transmissions


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long island
ok so i REALLY want a 97-01 xj stock with a manual transmission. i cant seem to find hardly any. i maybe found 2 for sale within 150 miles of me. does anyone know the statistics on them like how many were made with 5 speeds preferrably 98's? or percentages? thanks
:cheers:They are pretty common in my area, lots of fleet models here in the northwest. I've had two 95 5peed XJs, A buddy had a 96 5 speed sport & my son has a 95 5 speed. They are usually strippers but they are more likely to have Trac-Loc or Anti spin. Look for old government rigs, they usually come with heavy duty mechanical options & no frills. The only 97 up 5 speed that belongs to anyone I know is an old DNR rig. Even the DNR XJs are A/T 00 & 01. Most of them have ABS, but in those years it's easy to disable.