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'91 Aw4 Reverse badly slipping


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i have a '91 xj and in reverse it slips terrably, really the only time i can back up is on flat pavement, up any incline and i have to floor it and rev the motor really high just to move at all, it just keeps slipping, sometimes it'll catch a little and then it shakes alot, and there is a bad vibration when it reverses. it started slow with minor slippage but within a period of maybe 3 weeks turned into this.

any help is much appreciated,


Rebuild time-

You have no choice but to rebuild the baby...or to find another known-good replacement. The clutchpacks in an auto are very similar to a manual clutch in terms of slippage- once has started gets bad really quickly. Then once this has happened with one clutch it pollutes the entire ATF mix, even the torque converter, requiring total teardown and replacement of the TC. There ar no adjustments possible and changing the fluid will only make matters worse.
i know everyone has mixed feelings about a "fix in a bottle" but i was having a problem with hard shifting in my 86 and decided that the stuff couldnt do anything more than not work so i went to oreillys and bought a bottle of jacobs atf additive, put it in and my problem was gone instantly. the bottle also claims to reduce or eliminate slipping. it wont be a permanent solution but may help you get more life outta what you got now till you can get a replacement. just my opinion,
hey beezil, got a question, just wondering why do you suggest the cable? is it cause of the vibration and shuttering that i am getting? is that why you suggest its in between gears? if so how i go about adjusting the cable, i have plenty of experience of numerous cars its just i honestly dont' think i've ever touched a trans other than maybe the x-member mount.