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89 mj 2wd for sale : also feeler on 2d xj


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Its 89' mj 4.0 has d 35 rear, head gasket blown had the dummy temp light and like usual fails some how the lower radiator hose had fallen off. now when you crank just here cly. compressing through head. dog house is in good shape rusty underneath and no radiator had to donate to my new one. was going to scrap along with xj that I rolled this past summer. but before doing that I'd figure i would see if anyone wants for 250.00 obo can deliver within 300 miles for additional cost. will get some pics just not where its being stored at atm.

feeler: Not totally sure year thought was newer than appears but since has d 44 its white 2 door xj body in great shape besides front bumper and marker light tranny out of it has factory rubber floor and front skid. no mods have been done to it was thinking around 1400.00

just pm me with any questions or comments