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87 XJ laredo being parted out.


nobody of any consequence
it's time to get the non-starting eyesore outta the yard before the old man evicts me..... its a silver laredo 4 door.... red interior, 4.oL, 5 spd, 231 t/case, it is in excellent condition but the drivers died doors "honda accord" modified. all power accesories, the seats are gone. as well as some of the dash. but i will have a black dash out of my trail rig available soon. the DANA 44 rear is on ebay already. almost brand new red carpet and seatbelts. front grill is complete and intact. headliner is gone though.
let me know what you need and we can work out a price. you pay UPS shipping.
i will trade parts for a DANA 35 to replace the soon to be removed D44....
it must be gone within 2 weeks or so....