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8 November 65

azdesertrhino said:
Received this from another site.

More for us old Viet Nam Vets but, for all, NEVER FORGET THE PRICE PAID, whether the war is popular or not!!


To all my brothers, past, present and future, Thank You for your sacrifice and "WELCOME HOME!!"

Is that the country video.. Big and Rich, or something like that? If so, there was a bit of discussion about that on my site. Had to do with some Seattle DJ dissing them, IIRC. People were not all that happy.

Welcome Home goes out from here though.
Yea, not sure of the performers, I'm an old rock & roll fan but thought it was moving.

Did something to me or for me :dunno:
My father is a Viet Nam veteran, and I tell him whenever I can, "Thank You".

And I do what I can to tell every Viet Nam veteran, Thank You, you know this Jim.

Thanks to them all, and to every Vet.