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8.8 in, & flexin for shocks.


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Ontario, Canada
So after getting this axle over a month ago, out of one XJ and under mine, I finally got it swapped over. Tubes were not welded, all brake parts were done, caliper cups were full of dirt. Took some time to get it ready for this.
Realized while taking out the 8.25 just how much droop was limited by the shocks I had on it. So after the install we flexed it out.
Compressed 13"
Extended 21" (but since I will add atleast one more leaf in the future I think I will shoot for 23" just to be sure)

8.8 = 4.10 w/full Detroit, new calipers/rotors/pads/hard lines. Was going to push it back 1", but ended up leaving it stock, for now.

out with the old

in with the new

RuffStuff cover... I apologize now to any future rocks I may hit.

no rubbing, but tire is just touchin the ground in the pics, and I drove up without the front DS in thanks to the Detroit, can't wait to try it out on the trail.




Once the shock mounts get here it will be finished. The front pass shock is actually bottomed out, gonna need longer once the long arm kit is on.

The exhaust is touching the DS in the pics aswell, so will have to get that sorted out. Since a TNT LA kit is waiting to go on, I will have a shop fab up a proper exhaust once its on.

I left the proportioning valve in the MC, but I think I will try removing it as the brakes are kinda spongy as it is... little more travel in the pedal than before the swap. Not sure what to expect from the brakes, but I will try it without the valve, complete fluid flush and see how that works.
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Looks good. I've got the same set-up and haven't ever had a problem with it on 35's, detriot and 4.56. Enjoy it.

How many leaves do you have in your spring packs in the pictures?
5 leaves, its a Rusty's 3.5" pack with a RE boomerang shackle (1.5" I think)
The 8.8 tubes being a bit bigger and I welded a piece of 8"x2.5" - 1/4" to the top of the spring perch since they were only 5" long to help combat spring wrap.
So probably around 5.5" total lift after sagging for 3 years now
looks great can ya get some more pics up of it on level ground and such?

thanks! Going with 33x10.5 bfg mts and 5.5 inch RK long arm.. this winter break
looks great can ya get some more pics up of it on level ground and such?

thanks! Going with 33x10.5 bfg mts and 5.5 inch RK long arm.. this winter break

I'll grab some when I am on level ground next. The rear sits a little higher than the front right now (spacers waiting to level it out when LA's go on)

which bumper is that?

that bumper is a bit of this n that with some JCR tubing added in. it started as a piece of 6" angle iron flat across, year or so later cut some off the bottom, angled the ends, angled the bottom year after that the tube, and the shackle mounts.

it ended up pretty much how I wanted it and the winch tucks in nicely on a plate that is attached to the frame mounts and the front crossmember, but the bumper can still come off if need be.