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4wd linkage 242


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Shreveport, LA
my friends jeep linkage is all out of whack. when it is forward in 2wd it will be in 4 low. i was under it and he was trying to pull it down to 4low(it wont go all the way) and noticed the tab of metal the linkage connects to on the case was hitting the case not allowing it to go any further. his bushings are sloppy as well but didnt think that would be enough to cause this. any help is very much appreciated. he's had nothing but trouble and is almost ready to go offroad.

the tab that is on the case is pointing straight up and coming back into it, i just looked on mine (231) and its pointing forward, dont know if it is case differences or is something is really out of whack
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well it was an easy fix. he had it dropped to get a seal replaced and the tab was backwards and now all is well and he has no more excuses other than he is scared