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4 Wheel Parts


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I need new tires. I am looking at 32x11.50's. I noticed that 4WP was running their buy 3 get 1 free deal so today I got online and worked up a price (we're doing CSAP testing so I can't make phone calls). The price for 4 MT's and 5 type 51 wheels was a shade under 800. To the door it was 950. I called the store in Springs and was quoted the same price (950). When I asked why he quoted me the same price as online he got all pissed and said he had customers in the store. I tried to explain that if he could explain himself and had the stuff in stock...I'd head down. I don't have time to drive down there and hope things are in stock. I had heard bad things about the company. Man I did retail for 12 years and we were never in a position to turn down business. Even the majority of phone shoppers turn into business if you treat them right.

Is the buy 3 get 1 free deal a scam or is that store just not worth my time?

Discount Tire was almost as bad. They quoted me 176 a piece for BFG AT's.

rant off.
Tire World wants 222 per BFG. :sure:
It's just what I'm replacing. Coopers go for close 200 though.
I've heard bad stuff about their tires, but have never owned a set. I would of bought a set from them when I did my lift but they didn't *have* anyone in the store to mount them on my wheels. They said I could come back the next day and could do them then. I explained I have a 1hr + drive each way to their store in Westminster. They didn't really seem to care. I mean WTF, are they in the biz to sell tires or what? I mean for crying out loud, it was like 1 PM on a Friday, it's not like it was 10 minutes before closing or something. Bought my stuff locally and they matched 4WP's prices. All in all I think they are a bit of a crappy store. Did you pull the "price match" card in the DTC guys? They will usually match the competition. I should know, I shlebbed tires for them for about 3 years!
DTC did say they would match prices. They wanted 1097 out the door but said they would match the 960 at 4WP. I have a friend that said to check on Maxxis Bighorns so I will do that tomorrow but I'd like get this done by the weekend.
I've had really good luck with Discount Tire. Their tire replacement certs are better than any other company's bar none. They will replace the tire if it is not repairable down to 3/32 of tread. No pro-rate like 4WP.

Are you pricing wheels and tires or just tires? That price seems really high to me.

That price is wheels AND tires.
River, I bought their ATs on the same deal. I was very happy with them and the way they performed. Seemed to have more siing for snow and ice on the road and a little more open tread for off compared to other ATs. Same price as BFGs but with one free....

I bought my Goodyear MTs from Sam's. Chapest price I found by a couple of bucks. If you are a member it is a good deal. I bought them on line. They sent them to the store, and they have free road hazard. A friend of mine cut his side wall on a trail, they replaced it free. Just a thought.
That sucks about your experience calling 4WP. Was it the 'Springs store? Or the one on Peoria/I-70 or the Westminster store?

Bob Loose had a bad phone experience with them during last year's CO. Fest when he wanted to buy a set of 35's..... maybe that store has issues?

I've bought 4 sets of off road tires from 4WP over the years - two sets were Pro Comps during those Buy 3 get one free sales. The first two sets were for my lifted S-10 I had a few years back. I bought BFG AT's then in the 32" variety.

I bought two sets of Pro Comps. One set in 32" for my first Heep, and this set of 35's on Heep II. When I went in to buy the 35's I had been waiting for some extra cash and it took longer than expected. The price per tire then was $186. When I had the cash, they had the sale on and I saw that the price per tire was $191. I told them that this seemed odd and misleading. They offered up that basically, they do that to "recoup" some expense from "giving away" one tire... but I told the sales guy that I thought it only fair that they give them to me at the $186 price - and he did.

You might look through some pre-sale ads and get the "everyday low price" of the tires you're looking for, and compare it to the price per tire for the 3 & 1 special - you might be able to argue it down. But you really need to be at the store to get that to work I'm sure.

Another thing you might try is to call and firm up a deal with one of the other stores, then say "Hey, I live in W.P. is there a store closer?" and they may be willing to send the invoice there.
If you're going to deal with the folks at 4WP at all, call the store on Federal and only deal with Jon "The Man With The Plan" Brule. He's a regular over on CO4x4 and has done me right a couple times when I bought from 4WP.
Yucca-Man said:
If you're going to deal with the folks at 4WP at all, call the store on Federal and only deal with Jon "The Man With The Plan" Brule. He's a regular over on CO4x4 and has done me right a couple times when I bought from 4WP.

How long has he worked there?

I had a buddy who had some major problems with that specific store - HORRIBLE customer service, but that was 3+ years ago.

If you dont have your heart set on BFGs - look at the Pro Comp ATs, I have them on my Chevy - and they wear like iron (50k mile street wear warranty)
I have to put my vote in for Discount. When I first put 31's on my Jeep I bought them and a set of wheels along with the warranty from 4wp and as luck would have it I sliced a side wall about a week after buying them. I took it in and they were very reluctant about swaping it out and even then it cost me almost $40 for disposal fee's and dismount & mount which I thought was crap. Since I buy all my tires at Discount and have been happy ever since.
Sorry to hear about the 4WP deal. Well I work for DTC and have to admit that I've always bought tires there even before I worked for them. The cert's are worth every penny. Some of the guys might be retarded in the sales area but you'll usually get what ya need. Try negotiating with them,they don't like it but it works most the time. By the way, the ProComp buy 3 get 1, is a bit of a scam. my $.02
I recently got a set of 4 33x12.50 BFG A/Ts w/150 miles and one Pro Comp M/T brand new, all on Extreme Alloy 15x8s that are in new condition for $600 on co4x4. You can hit some real deals over there.
I previously scored a set or 35" MTRs on alloys for $625 over there.
I just checked the price for some replacement BFG AT KO's in 35x12.5x15. They wanted $166 plus $9 mount/lifetime balance/road hazzard at Sam's club. Around here, the tire stores will price match.
I got my tires like new for my truck off of Craigs list for an awesome price, took them over to Discount to get mounted they offered my the Warrentee on them. So my truck got Load Range E BGF AT's for just over $700, would have cost over $1200 in the store. When I went in to replace a shreaded side wall on one of the Jeep tires I did not have warrentee on they sold me warrentee certs also. So if you can find like new tires and discount carries that brand they will treat them as new. They will also price match. I will never deal with anyone but discount going forward.