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(4) Four 31x10.5" BFG A/T's on 15x8" AR Outlaw II


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Virden, IL
I have four bfg a/t ko tires mounted on 15x8" american racing outlaw II rims. They are mounted and balanced and come with caps and lug nuts. The tires have about 75% tread left, rims are not in mint condition but still look nice. Im in IL and do not want to ship. Im trying to get $600 obo. Im looking for a set of 97+ rims, dark gray ecco style or 31x10.5" BFG M/T's. Let me know. Thanks, [email protected]

Here is one pic, as you can see the tread doesn't show very well, but I will work on getting some tread pics.
Bump, no one interested in a good set of tires/rims? Im switching to TrXus M/T's and some black rims before these get too banged up.