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4.0L Stalling / Not Starting after Fuel Pump Replacement - Suggestions Needed...


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littleton, co
I have a 99 XJ and the engine seems to be dying on me. Originally I could not get the car to start but I replaced the fuel pump and filter and the distributor cap / rotor, and plugs / wires this weekend and it started right up. After one day of driving it died on me again. It feels like it is not getting gas when it dies as it will sort of stumble but there is half a tank in there now. I have noticed that the oil temp gauge is pegged as soon as I start (when I can the care) the car up, could that be causing the problem? Any suggestions would be great.

I have a 99 that would die on the road, sometimes 20 miles out sometimes 2 miles. Sometimes it would restart, sometimes it wouldn't. Mine was a crank position sensor. This has gone out twice in the 9 years I've owned it.
What brand fuel pump ? that makes a difference.