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3" lift and 235's


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Anybody have pictures of this combo. In the name of cost savings (I can't afford to re-gear to go to 31's) I think this is what I am going to end up with in the next couple of weeks. I was just hoping to see a few pictures to see how it looks.

believe me when I tell you... you do 3" with 235's you will be crying your heart out every time you see an XJ with 31" or 30"..... I had done that and lived with it for a year and a half almost and I was kind of miserable.....

this is 235's...
I did my lift on Saturday... and the look of it pissed me off in just one day... I re-aranged my schedule to get my 31's mounted. Had to do it monday because by the time we were done on sat all the places were closed unless i wanted to pay an arm and a leg. Sunday was more than enough. Go with the 31's
I went around like this for about a year. Dosn't perform too bad, the tires just look small. still a whole lot better than stock though! It's a very viable combo, allows full flex of the 3" kit.


I have a 4.0 auto and have been running 31X10.50's for about a year and a half. The only problem that I have had is a little rubbing on the lca's. I didn't do a regear and I haven't noticed any low end power loss or experenced any problems crawling. I did, however, notice a lower rpm at highway speeds.