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2024 Cherokee Crawl - earlier dates


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Knoxville, TN
Just wanted to give everyone a decent heads up, the 2024 Crawl will be held on June 21 - 22nd in Harlan, KY at Black Mountain this go around instead of the weekend closest to the 4th.
Our reason for doing so is to try to get a weekend that isn't quite as crowded on the trails and hopefully bring in a few more people who haven't been able to make it recently due to prior plans surrounding the 4th of July.

I know June is a good while off, I just wanted to give everyone a heads up well before the event is posted and registration goes live.

Thank you and looking forward to another Crawl!
And maybe it will be a bit cooler.
What are the lodging options for this event? Any hotels/motels nearby?

The park has a number of nice cabins you can book. It’s only 8-10 minutes from the main town, so me and my family stayed in the hotel right in town this year.
What are the lodging options for this event? Any hotels/motels nearby?

There are two hotels in Harlan.

Quality Inn (I've stayed there before and Drew stayed there last year)

Roadway Inn

Both are about 10 minutes from the Putney campground.
Like a goober, I didn't get my reservations made before all of the cabins are rented for the weekend.

Mark, Jack and myself will be staying at the Quality Inn in Harlan. At least we get waffles for breakfast, LOL!

I'm already going through withdrawls, thinking about not being able to get up in the crisp morning air to sit on the porch of the cabin. The upside is we will be closer to the Portal pizza restaurant.
I would love to go and meet and trail ride with y'all but that is almost 400 miles for me one way and can't take that much time off in June, sorry guys. I really want to catch up with some other XJ guys and ride. I ride with JK's, JT's and some other various Jeeps most of the time off the 600-1 near Sylacauga Alabama