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2000 XJ Build #8


NAXJA Forum User
Chattanooga TN
Hello NAXJA. I am on here occasionally..decided to make a build thread here that will be less cluttered than my build over on CF. Bit of info on me..
I live in the Chattanooga TN area, work for a privately owned company in Chattanooga, and have been in the Jeep scene for about 5 years now. This is my 8th XJ (other build threads can be found over on CF, can provide links if there is interest). I had a soft spot for my last Silver XJ that ended up being traded off for a TJ..

Found this gem on Craigslist..no pictures, no info other than 2000 Jeep Cherokee.

2000 Jeep Cherokee XJ Sport
4.0 AW4 NP231 D30/Chry 8.25
Motor professionally rebuilt (less than 30k ago)
One owner..

This is going to end up as a do it all rig..Wheel some fairly nasty shit, drive back home and get me where I need to be.

Here it is Day 1:

Decided to sell the D44 and use the money for parts for the build (info on this below).

Installed some 360* Cree reverse lights so I can see backing up at the mall
Found a smoking deal on 4 mint TJ Ravines and 30x9.5s..
Mounted them up just in time for the snow:

Just something temporary until the thing gets built.
Ordered some parts and got some in already...

RE 4.5" Coils
Re 2.5" Long Add A Leaf
RE double sheer TB and Bracket
RE Boomerang Shackles
Front Fox 2.0 Performance Series Shocks (12" Travel)
JCR Rear DIY Bumper

Still to obtain:
B. Lee's Offroad 3 link
HD Offroad Eng shackle relocation brackets
Rear Fox 2.0 Perf Series
Bump stops (probably some progressive prothanes)
Brake Lines
Tires/Wheels (most likely 35s)

Setup is going to be somewhere around 4.5-5" and 33s or 35s (most likely 35s), very comfortable DD/Wheeler setup. Still undecided on what front bumper to get.
Come back tomorrow, and he'll have sold it :D

Just kidding, looks good!
LOL! Nice xj!