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2.8 to 3.4 swap


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Hi, I have read alot about this swap, I already have the 2.8 out, and the 3.4 (1995 camaro)ready for my intake. I have some problems though. I dont understand why i cant just put my intake on, neutrally balance the fly wheel, stick in my distributor and use electric fans/ fuel pump and keep the whole engine camaro. I dont want to swap the oil pan and all the accesories, I need all new accesories anyway so i will buy serpintine accesories... I heard there was issues with room for the oil pan, but i have tons of room after the lift. I heard the oil sump was different, what does it matter if i leave the engine with all the camaro stuff? Are poeple swapping all their xj stuff on to save money? or do you reallllllllllllllllllly have to?
thanks a million,
ps, 3.4s up here are 500-800cdn$