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10 Things I learned during my week in Moab


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Swansboro, CA
1. Moab is Awesome (Actually already knew this)
2. My Jeep is Awesome (Kinda already suspected this)
3. Yakima Racks have a way of finding trees even in the middle of the dessert.
4. If you are going to drive some of the hardest trails in Moab, you should make sure you have a camera you know how to operate.
5. If you are crawling down a series of ledges, and you are using the brake to help slow you down, and the side of your foot gets into the throttle peddle, you are in for one heck of a crazy ride.
6. If you take the previously mentioned “heck of a crazy ride”, your jeep may incur subtle damage that you may not notice right away; such as, door seals that are no longer sealing, faint buckling around the latch of the door or a roof line that isn’t quiiiiite straight anymore.
7. When a guy driving a Unimog gives you information about how tough a trail is you need to take into account the fact that his perspective may be slightly warped.
8. After about three days of being completely surrounded by jaw dropping views you start to become jaded to how amazing and beautiful a place it is.
9. The Golden Crack - Not actually made of gold.
10. Can’t think of any more but did I mention that my jeep is awesome.
Number 6:

Just means you've "Broken-in" the XJ finally.

Moab is awsome!

I hear you about Mog drivers.

orgs mfg
Sounds like you had a good time in Moab. Are you planning on going on any of the 'con trips this summer?
#3 is why I got a spare tire-mounted bike rack. I've done quite a bit of mild 'wheeling with bikes on it with only one small incident.

Here's what I learned.
Jim Cole is a mad man.
If you have a set of Super Nerfs, your XJ can go any where.
Don't believe anybody that tells you that a stock XJ made it up Killer Kane, right Mark? ;)
Handlebars --

Where was that picture taken please?
It was fine times. The first trail I did was Poison Spider. I had done it in my brothers mostly stock waggy and it was challenging but the Blue Ox walked up those ledges like a Rav4 gets groceries.
So the Mog guy had told me that the Golden Spike wasn’t any harder that Poison, so I figured I would continue on Golden Spike to Gold Bar and come out Gemini Bridges, which is what I did, but Golden Spike was a really good challenge. A few spots where downright hairy, notably the Golden Crack and the Golden Stairs. Double Whammy is supposed to be out there somewhere but I missed it. I either drove up it like it was no big deal (my favorite theory) or I took the bypass and didn’t realize it (possibly the more likely scenario).
I also did Lockhart Basin/Chicken Corners. What amazing country.