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1.5" square tube & d-rings?


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First off I have two 1.5" receivers on the front of my jeep that were used to tow it behind an rv, Can I even use those as tow points? If so I am going to buy 1.5" square tubing and make something like this

Do they make d-rings that will fit 1.5" square tube?
if it can be drug by an RV there I don't see a reason why it can't be used as a tow point for a shackle. as far as the shackle I'd make some tabs to fit the 3/4" shackle and then cut them down to fit in the smaller mount, but you could always use a smaller shackle. I had some flat tow points on my exploder and used smaller shackles for the recovery kit in that, DD not wheeled. they saved me and other a few times with no issue. just tripple check the weight load limits on the shackle when buying them, I got mine at a local farm/industrial supply store. the smaller ones are rated at 8k and the 3/4 at 10k.
I have a RV tow bar on mine, its been yanked and pulled every which way from me bein pulled or pullin other people... holds up very nicely
get some 1.5" solid square stock, drill a hole 1" in from end whatever size you need to fit your d-ring, then drill a hole for the hitch pin, and round the edge a bit with a sander, voila!
just make sure you neck down the end of the 1.5 tube so that the D-ring can actually fit on it unless you find one with a 1.5 span where the bolt goes through.