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'00 XJ - Tire recommendations?


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St. Leonard, MD
Well, the time has come to put tires on the '00 XJ, 4.0, auto, 4x4. We at 55K on the original Goodyear Wrangler RTS. These have been the worst tires I have ever run!

My wife drives this Jeep most of the time so it doesn't see any wheeling but I would like to get an all-terrain tire just cause they look so much better. I also wanted to up the size to 235s from 225s. What A/T tirest would you guys recommend that I can get another 50K out of without breaking the bank?

I wanted to get the Kirkland Radial A/Ts from Costco but they stopped making them. Those tires were awesome for the little $ they cost.

It's a shame Goodyear stopped making the old Wrangler Radials. I really liked those.

I will probably order from tirerack.com. I've been looking at the various reviews of what they carry and everything seems to get a mix of good/bad feedback.



If you are a costoco member then take a look at the BFG AT tires. I think they were selling for $108 last time I was at my local Costco and that the LT235/75R15. Since you have a 2000 I am not sure what size rims you run 15 vs 16.

I like these tires, they were more quiet than the cooper car tires they replaced also when these wear out I'll buy another set. I do go off road with mine, drive down old logging roads to access my 80 acres, and drive 500 miles on the interstate to get to the property.

According to the Factory shop manual for my 88 XJ if you have the automatic with 3.54 gears, which all the 4.0 came with, then you do not need to change the speedo gear. So on my 88 XJ I could run P235/75R15 or P225/75R15 tires with a 33 tooth gear.

My XJ came with P205/75R15 tires so I had to buy a new speedo gear regardless what size tire I upgraded to.

Cooper Discoverer LT (NOT the A/T). Reasonable price, good traction is a variety of conditions, lasts forever.

No tire I can think of comes close on an overall practicality basis. (IMHO, of course)
I would say that you should go with the Michelin LTX ATs. You will NOT find another All Terrain Tire that lasts as long as one of those. They are pretty expensive though. The stock sizes will run you around $160 but they will last about 1.5 times that of a normal tire.
I got BFG All-Terrians and have not had a lick of problem with them not getting me where i want to go. I have 30's on the XJ and 235r15 on my Ranger. Little to no noise at highway speeds and if you are anal about tire care like me they will last you well over 55K if you treat em right.....got 25K on the ranger set and they almost look new
I kinda backup btl fed there. I got a set of Michelin LTX M/S (not the AT's though) and they have lasted and lasted and lasted! They're not very aggressive looking (THe M/S's, I don't know abou the AT's), but they work very well out in the dirt too!
I've had the Cooper A/T's for over a year now-- Love 'em.

Eagle, why don't you like the A/T's?
Townie said:
Eagle, why don't you like the A/T's?

Because the Discoverer LTs are sooooo good and last sooooo long, and the A/T is a lower cost replacement for it, so I just figure it can't be as good. However, now that you've slammed me back against the wall, I will admit that I haven't tried the A/Ts.
Hey, I have run NOTHING but BFG T/A s for many many years I strongly recomend them. They are the best all around tires you can buy! 30x9.50 s will fit very nicely.
i replaced the junk RT/S's on my wrangler with wrangler AT/S's... and plan to get another set of them when i wear out the junk mastercraft (dont laugh) on my 99 XJ..... tirerack has a good price on them too... first hand info here..... 30's are not a perfect fit.... unless there is something about the MT/R's.... they DO rub in the rear on my 99 when flexing and when i take a good bounce on the highway... but it is slight and only the flares....
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I just replaced my old BFG A/T 235s on my Comanche and incredibly they lasted 90k, yup, 90,000 miles. Amazing. Not surprisingly, I slapped on a new set of BFG 235 A/T KO's. I bought these at Costco for around $104 fully installed.

88 Comanche
Thanks guys.

Eagle/Townie, what did you guys pay for those Cooper tires if you dont' mind me asking?

I called Costco yesterday and they don't have the BFG A/T, just the rugged trails, which don't look to be any better than my current Goodyear RT/S crap tires. I guess I'll call them again to see if they could order a set.

I always heard great things about Michelin, but damn they are expensive!!!!

While looking at Sears' webiste, I ran across their Guardsman Trailhandler AP in the 235 size on sale for $67. I realize these aren't top 'o the line but for 95% highway use, should I consider them.

30x9.50 are out of the question. This XJ tow a 4000 lb. boat pretty much every weekend and I don't want to kill all my pullling power, and regearing is not in the plan.

Keep the recommendations coming.


My local Costco has BFG AT in the store. I am sure they can order you in a set if you want the BFG AT.

My buddy was in Costco and got a quote for new tires for his Deville, he has Michelin MXV4 plus P235/55R17 tires, they don't stock that size but were more than willing to order them.

gw204 said:
Thanks guys.

Eagle/Townie, what did you guys pay for those Cooper tires if you dont' mind me

Last time I bought a set I think they were $89 per tire. That was a few years ago (I did say they last forever). I'm looking for a set now and hope to have prices in a couple of days. I think I recall seeing them for around $99/tire.
The very best Tires I ever owned were Michelins bought at Costco and installed on my 77 3/4 ton Suburban. With that experience I have purchased Michelins for just about everything since. The CJ, the new Suburban and soon the '00 XJ when my Bridgestones wear out. I am hard on tires.
I paid $99 each for the Discoverer A/T's; for the price, ya can't beat Coop's. Not a bit of wear on 'em, they were installed last spring. Also, chewed up all the snow we had this winter... great tire
BFG AT's all the way..... it's my second set of BFG's on this XJ, my previous one had the BFG AT's as well.

Anyways, they behave great in sand, on rocks in snow (yeah I'm in SoCal but I take it up to the mountians when I go skiing... and I have never had to wear chains). They also run fine for me in water (believe it or not, but it actually rains here... and when it rains... it RAINS). The tread life is also amazing. My set of 235's woulnd't die on me even when I wanted them to! I actually ended up replacing the tires a bit early as I really really wanted to get 31's on :)

Also my dad runs BFG AT's on his van conversion and he has taken that as far as Calgary and almost all the way out to Chicago, got close to Florida and never had any problems. He is on his second set and says that he will not run anything else and coming from him that means a lot as he ussually buys the first cheap replacement part that he can find (unlike me LOL).....

I am running a set of Hitec retreads, the were CHEAP and are holding up great! i know this may not be a good rout for you but i do a lot of hiway and wheeling, i got the muds for about $40 each (shiped) and they have been wearing great. they use Michelin tires, so they have good sidewalls (at least mine do) my boss/hunting buddy has a set of cooper discoverys on his f250 that have about 55K on them. they wear good, but he had over 5 flats in one week of deer hunting! there is a lot of field driving involved, but still 5! he had to replace 2 with used ones. They also dont do to well off road, my XJ had to pull out his 250 a few time in the late season! thats just my 2 cents