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Moab 2013

I left on Monday, camped outside of Minturn that night. See Show your colors.
Arrived at Slickrock Tues. aft. Dennis, Brian, and Janine were already there.
Wed. I ran Steel Bender, rated a Moab 6. I'll post a few non-interesting pictures, but I'd recommend following this link for better pics:


Sorry, at the obstacles, I was more interested in getting up them, than taking pictures. I beat on the jeep harder than I ever had, and it made it back, so there is a lesson there. I landed really hard once, and amazingly enough it was on my armored cross-member.

The next day it rained, so I relaxed. That night, there was a BBQ and show and shine put on by the Intermountain chapter. Lot's of jeeps.

The next day I ran Strike Ravine, a 5 on the Moab scale. After the rain the day before, the loose rock and clay made it more like an 8. We were going sideways as much as forward, up and down. Link includes my pics.

The old beasts, the jeep and myself, made it back. The jeep needed a few quarts of oil for the trip, esp coming back pulling the trailer. It was fun.

Hopefully, Brian and Janine have some photos to post. They ran the more interesting trails.
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