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Re: Better way to get down to Chinawall from Southwest Denver?

Originally Posted by DigJeepsBrah View Post
Noble of you, sir. Sorry to hear of all the fuss about surgery. I'm terrified even thinking about surgery.

It could be worse though, imagine if they lived in Bastrop, Texas or something... A ranch in California still sounds better than most the scenery around here east of the front range.
Ya its not bad. Mostly orchard, and then some field. LOTS of fence and water lines to repair, but will be in the 70's and 80's and they are pretty decently away from town. By beile AFB if you know where that is.

Another thing about china wall - to stay on topic - It felt like a bummer to me after we ran it in the Xterra. Wished we woulda just takin the time to go to BV and hit chinamens or grizzly.
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