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Re: Clayton Off Road Long Arm Upgrade!

Originally Posted by chettacheez View Post
Judging by your 12 years of experience, you are not dealing with a 3 link. You are not pulling the single upper and having the whole axle twist on you while having it on an alignment rack.

I'm not running oem axles so the suggested starting points were not even close. Pulling the link, adjust, and trying to get the links back in the axle bracket, repeat was the biggest pita to do by yourself. In hindsight it was a two man job, when a single left hand thread is all that is needed to solve this issue.

Leave the RH/RH lowers. It's not a big deal, the whole axle doesn't try to twist out from underneath you and a simple roll of the tire will get you back in the axle bracket. The single upper is a whole other story.

I should of knew the Clayton fanboys would be coming out..
What you did was no diffrerent than installing/adjusting upper control arms on any aftermarket setup. Its always hard getting that first one in. I think the alignment rack was your problem. If you have to do it again, take the weight completely off the front axle. Just allow the tires to touch slightly. Put a jack under the yoke and adjust as needed. You can make small tweaks by putting a tire iron through the knuckle too. This always seems to work well for me.
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