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RoM 2015

March 13-15

We will try for Xterra camp again, and at this point all cabins appear available

$30 for the event and that includes a shirt and dinner Saturday. $25 for an extra shirt $5 for an extra dinner.

RRC and National will be paying for 2 nights primitive camping for all paid MEMBERS

PayPal available now, use

Please include shirt size in payment and pm me.

T-Shirts will be ordered on Feb 15th


  1. VERY HIGHLY recommends that all event participants have a CB Radio.
  2. requires all listed items to be present, and available for use, for a vehicle to be permitted to participate in a event. Participants are expected to stow equipment and all other items within their vehicle in a safe manner, conscious of the effects of OHV use and possible shifting of items.
  3. Safety Inspectors will use this list for safety inspections prior to any event. The Safety Inspector has final say in approval or rejection of any vehicle for event participation and may at anytime defer to a second event or club officer for additional ruling.
  4. expects each event participant to carry insurance and registration sufficient to meet the legal requirements of their vehicle state of residence and for the roads and trails traveled for the event. is not responsible for assuring an entrant's vehicle is legal for the roads and trails traveled in the event.
  5. Visibly charged fire extinguisher (BC or ABC)
  6. First aid kit
  7. Adequate spare tire, jack and lug wrench
  8. Safety belts for driver and any current passenger
  9. Adequate attachment points in the front and rear of the vehicle: Acceptable forms of attachment points: (All Items must be mounted in a manner to provide adequate strength and integrity). Tow hooks of OEM or greater integrity
  10. D-Rings
  11. Shackle/Clevis
  12. 20ft 10,000lb snatch strap without any metal hooks
  13. Secured battery (no bungee cords)

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