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On my 88 XJ I have seen internal hex, trox and external hex (bolt head) pins used for the slider pins. My local garage gave me bolt type heads that take a 10 mm socket when I had the XJ in for front hub replacement.

Three years ago I had the entire brake system renewed and I needed new front rotors, mine were warped and too thin to turn. If your doing the job I'd suggest you replace rotors also.

I also have had several coworkers who had the rubber line deteriorate from the inside, form a check valve with a flap and lock up the brakes lock up when they were far from home. This may be smart money to change the hoses now and flush the system.

If you keep your calipers then just go buy the new caliper pins at the parts store and try to get the ones with hex heads and not the sockets that aways strip out. Then cut off the boot and use your vice grips to turn out your current caliper pins.

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