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Re: rear view camera mount to go over large spare tire -- fabbed and installed

Originally Posted by Goose_XJ88 View Post
What rear view mirror are you using?

That's a super super slick idea. Do you think that if you got a 3 pos switch and a second camera that you could put one on the front and use it like the new Jeeps?
They pretty much all have the same thing... reverse trip wire that wires into reverse lights. I didn't wire it in, because I want it on pretty much all the time. most of them also have a wire you clip if you want the camera to include back up lanes, and another wire you clip to turn of reverse image (if you want the camera in the front)

If you want to multiplex the cameras, just get a rca mux.. amazon has tiny ones. These cameras have fairly standard outputs.. usually they're a micro 5-pin, and come with an adapter that separate it to a standard RCA video and DC input. (something like this -- though I'm sure there's something smaller out there :

The one I posted also has a front facing camera behind the mirror.. the mirror itself is a touch screen, swipe to the right once and it switches to front camera, swipe to the right again, and it switches to a split screen front/rear (basically the mirror is a mirror-shaped smartphone, swipe down and an options list comes up for resolution, recording (uses microsd to record) and other stuff)

I also wired in one of those tiny his res (2100x1024) under the front bumper, into my head unit to see oncoming rocks.. thinking of also putting on on t cross member facing the front diff, cameras are cheap enough won't be a big deal if it gets ripped off.

Here's the mirror showing the rear view camera, and the front view camera on the head unit:

and side-by-side mode on the mirror, streaming front and rear camera:

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