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Re: Home and thank you

Thanks to everybody who made the day fun, not just to the BOD. Everyone made it happen.

Now especially thanks to the trail guide who made the day fun. The morning cruise was exactly what I wanted, so thanks for that. Also thanks for the patience with the communicating and all. We appreciate that.

Thanks to John for the spare driveshaft so we can get home. It was nice meeting you. Patience with the communication was also greatly appreciated.

Thanks to Rich and Carol for delicious food. The meal plan was well executed. We didn't go home hungry.

Thanks to Jordan and the rest of BOD for planning the event.

Thanks to everybody who showed up and had fun. That's what it's all about.

And to whoever won my battery cables, just so you know, they are for 97-01 XJs and if you can't make it work, let me know and I can replace whatever is the short length for correct sizes for your year. And if you have any question as to where goes where, let me know.