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Re: Grin's Dakota QuadCab

Originally Posted by xj-grin View Post

Came with the 45rfe auto tranny, but I know from my Grand Cherokee experience that the 45rfe is really a 5-45rfe (same tranny that was behind 5.7 hemis until recently), with a different computer flash. So, I put a little Jeep in my Dodge, in the form of a 2002 WJ TCM, which gave me the 5th forward gear, a 0.67 super-OD (stock is 0.75). I averaged 15.8 mpg on the last tank (still 2 mpg better than the Titan!), but we'll see what the new OD does for me.

Will likely put a 1" body lift on it, and about 1.5" of suspension when the tires wear (Goodyear Wranglers AT-S... could be years) so I can run 285s, as I feel like I'm sitting on the friggen asphalt. But, it'll do.


All you had to do what re-flash the computer and you get an extra gear?!
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