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Re: The RRC Craigslist Thread

Originally Posted by iluv83vettes View Post
There's a waggy in spring you might be interested.

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Tease me some more please LOL.

By the way I have an 87 red Renix body for sale, clean, no rust, no damage and 2wd. But most every thing under the hood is gone. Tires and wheels are good, inside is nice and clean, rear seat is gone and passenger seat is gone. Perfect for a major project vehicle or to replace a rolled damaged body on a rig that has too much money in mods to junk. I bought it 10 years ago and planned to restore it, and the last 6 years was planning to make it a fuel powered electric jeep. Asking 350 for it. Getting too old, kids are and have moved on, and I need to cut back on my inventory. Up in the rust belt it would be worth real money :-)
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