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Re: Membership Drive


I see both sides of this thing.
There is no written rule concerning welded tow hooks. Nowhere in the bylaws does it specifically call out that welded tow hooks are prohibited. So, when Dozer (or anyone for that matter) reads the rules, he thinks he's good to go.

Now on the other side of the fence is the old timer. The old timer knows that it's sort of an "unwritten rule" that welded tow hooks are known to be a weak link. (See my previous post about not being a metal geek, there are several opinions on this particuar subject) So, this old timer knows that the unwritten rule is something that most people associated with are aware of and follow.

So, when a guy that's not associated with shows up to wheel an event......AND PASSES TECH......he takes that as a nod that he's good to go wheel the event. This outsider new guy has no idea that there is an unwritten rule concerning tow hooks. It just so happens that this guy is in a prediciment on the trial and needs a tug. I wasn't there. So, I don't know every single specific of the situation. Anyway, he gets some grief from the everyone for some welded hooks. It'd be like getting a speeding ticket for doing 45 in a 55mph zone. It's not in the written law but everyone in the area knows that 55 isn't safe for the area.

I'll be the first to admit, tech was not nearly as tight as it should have been. That's a problem. This issue is being addressed and it shouldn't happen again. The welded thing will be brought before the BOD and a decison will be made concering allowing or now allowing welded tow hooks on official events.

This one is locked folks it won't do anyting but snowball from this point. When a decision is reached on the fate of the welded tow hooks, I'm sure it will be communicated to the masses.