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Re: I vote lie

Originally Posted by devildog0 View Post
I think this is simply an inherint problem with the design of our suspension and the push for bigger and bigger tires has simply got the design to the point that the resonance frequency for the front end is now at lower highway speeds.

Could be as simple as adding some weight somewhere in the system or changing the stiffness of the sidewall of the supplied tire.
pretty much. In fact, my 91 MJ had horrific deathwobble that I had to continuously ward off by repetitively swerving 1/8 steering wheel turn to the right about every 5 seconds at any speed above 40 when I parked it, with 285/75R16 BFG ATs on it. 5 years later I resurrected it and put 33x12.50R15 General Grabbers on it (not my first choice, but needed some cheap tires for a Gambler 500 run and they were $150 on my local facebook truck parts group) and now it'll do up to 75 with no deathwobble. Would probably go faster but that's about all the rope I'm foolhardy enough to give it.

The same truck had deathwobble so bad it snapped the passenger motor mount bolts when it was stock, and had zero deathwobble after I lifted it and installed the BFG ATs back in 2011.
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