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Rubicon Trail -August 5th -August 7th

This year, we are planning to include a run through the famous Rubicon Trail as part of Sierra Fest. Here's the tentative schedule:

Aug 4th (Sun) - camping at Loon Lake for those interested.

Aug 5th (Mon) - 9am group meeting at Loon Lake trail head, tech inspection + trail prep, start trail. Drive approximately 1/2 of trail and camp at Buck Island Lake.

Optional: We camped at Buck last year, then drove to Rubicon Springs on Tuesday. There was some talk about heading straight to Rubicon Springs on Monday in order to spend two nights at the Springs. If the group wants to do this, we can discuss tis option as the dates get closer.

Aug 6th (Tue) We can spend a free day at Buck Island Lake, giving everyone a chance to relax, hike, fish, swim, fix your jeep, run Old Sluice, etc. The other option would be dive drive a short portion of the trail to Rubicon Springs. Camping at the Springs costs $20 per rig.

Aug 7th (Wed) - finish trail out to Tahoe. If doing option (a) above we will stop briefly at the Springs for lunch. Those of us planning to attend the 2nd half of Sierra Fest will most likely spend the night in South Lake Tahoe, as has been done in years past. The group stayed at the Motel 6 a couple years ago, which was less than a pleasant experience for some. Eric stayed at the Day's Inn and said it was an enjoyable stay. We can look for another option as far as hotels go. Staying in Tahoe gives everyone a chance to do some laundry and grab some yummy pizza for supper.

Aug 8th (Thu) - restock supplies, and drive to Hermit Valley Campground.


The following will apply to the Rubicon Trail:

- minimum tire size 33" and at least one locker
- spare tie rod if you are running stock steering (drag link also recommended)
- spare front axle shaft assemblies if you are running stock shafts
- spare rear shaft(s) if you are running stock shafts
- any other spare part you reasonably might need and tools needed to make the repair.

The Rubicon is a difficult trail and a long way from any service station.

Make sure your vehicle is in good running condition and any mechanical liabilities have been addressed prior to the event.

These requirements are so that you and the entire group can have a good experience at Sierra Fest, but more importantly so that we all return home safely.
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