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Re: 1 Marine vs. 30 cops (Marine Wins) - Occupy Times Square retardation

Originally Posted by Milford Cubicle II View Post
The demand will always be there (in many industries, that is).
It's not there now. That's why companies sales are falling and they are laying off people.

Right now the government doesn't need to facilitate production, there is a ton of cash ready to be employed. There's 2.5 trillion in cash ready to be put to work right now between private equity investors and American public companies.

When the demand shows up, that capital is ready to work. If the government has to get involved, it should be trying to facilitate demand, not production (IMO).

Originally Posted by Milford Cubicle II View Post
I doubt someone who created a chain as successful as Godfather's doesn't understand that you can't just produce produce produce in spite of there being no demand

You'd think?

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