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Finally took apart my Stroker (Stroker Overheated Badly) Part Trois

Hey guys,

Well 2 years, a house, 2 dogs, and a marriage later I have FINALLY taken apart my stoker to diagnose the issues that I had in 2005. For those of you that are really bored and would like the background here are the 2 posts.



So if you read those you'll see that the general concensus is that I blew the head gasket, and or cracked the head / block. Well I took her all down tonight and I really can't find a damn thing wrong visually with anything. I have a TON of pics and have graduated to web albums so here are all 51 of the pics that I took tonight of the engine.

Now I'm no pro at engine stuff, but to me everything looks in order but I would really appreciate your guy's comments on this. My biggest fear is replacing the headgasket and it having the same headgasket type of symptoms all over again.

I spent close to an hour just inspecting everything on both sufaces, the gasket itself, and the inside of the head and block. Everything spins freely and makes no abnormal noises. All the cylinder walls look fine to me. There is on pic that may speak volumes without any visual imperfections on the parts themselves and that is this one:

This kinda shows that there was a leak at some point. If you read the above historical posts you'll see that both my compression tests and my leak down tests pointed their fingers at cylinder 1 and if I'm reading this picture correct that confirms it, but again, my fear is putting it back together and having the same results.

So chime in if you can, I would appreciate it. If you have any questions I'm all ears.


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