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Re: Got Some New Yokohama Geolander X-MT's

I just wanted to follow up and give a review after 1000 mile road trip and wheeling the Rubicon with the Yokohama's. The tires were smooth on road - much quieter and smoother than my previous BFG Krawlers. We cruised up to Tahoe sometimes going 75mph and the tries did great. Much quieter than I expected. When I got off road on the Rubicon, that is where the tires really shined! They gripped and crawled up everything. They seemed to grip and grab in situations where some of my other friends running other tires would slip. The big lugs and voids would just find places to grip and pull me over. They were especially good on the ledges, where I could feel the lugs finding an edge and pushing me over. Bottom line. I would highly recommend the tire!

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