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Re: Carnage Exit on 37's

I do agree on the look factor, I definitely think there are better looking tires out there. Actually the Iroks are one of my favorite looking tires overall. I'm not expecting my new Iroks to perform like a set of BFG Krawler red labels or Maxxis Stickies by any means, but my 39.5's just plain sucked ass. Again though, lots of pressure and a lack of good tread depth. I'm pretty confident that these 42's will work great. They're a taller tire on a smaller rim so there is more sidewall to flex, the rims will be getting beadlocks on them for christmas so I'll be able to air down right, and the tread is brand new so there is plenty of it to bite onto stuff. The sidewalls are already pretty soft too because apparently while they where sitting in a field mounted on a truck the guy went out there regularly to apply Armor-All and keep the from dry rotting. Hopefully that'll equate to them not neading a lot of break-in time. However, if for whatever reason I decide I'm not happy with them I'll most likely be getting the Kevlars. And yes, if that happens I'll probably be doing my best to borrow a set to try out first. I'd also be trying to borrow a set of Pit Bull Rockers too.
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