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Re: Moab 5-21-10

My apologies to all those waiting for my vids of Hells Gate -- I am a tech imbicile, and have had a hell of a time trying to get the vids off my camera... apparently 6 years old is an eternity in the world of tech. First the software provided with my camera didn't work -- couple hours figuring that out. Second, the patches I finally found on the mfg website didn't work -- couple hours figuring that out. Third, the replacement software which I finally discovered to replace this known-to-be faulty original program took over an hour to download... and then wouldn't work with the supplied USB cable. SO, now I need an "i.LINK" cable, which apparently is not available anywhere locally, I have to order it online. Joy. Hopefully by this time next week I can have the vids uploaded to the computer, then it will only take me another month to figure out how to host them online.
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