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My M416 restomod/hole to throw money in

This morning I was ready to see if the thing was going to be a trailer. Mounted the wheels and pushed it outside. Surprisingly everything fits.

Then back to the grinder. Got the landing leg and the safety chains cleaned up.

Two trips to TSC (I should buy stock) because military safety hooks are too thick for regular end links. Decided on some new chain to save me some time.

And finally, no more chassis paint. Bonus points if you can name the WF raffle prize in the picture.

I have to drive my oldest to and from summer camp the next two weekends and I have to go to NM for work in two weeks so the thrash is on to get the wiring and tub painting done. My hvlp gun, mixing kit and respirator came today and the OD paint will be here on Tuesday.

I havenít decided on diy bedliner or having someone do it but I might just drive it to linex to save time.
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