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Re: ***New Product Announcement*** IRON ROCK OFF ROAD 3 LINK!

I have a currie Johnny joint in my axle so i drilled the uca to 1/2". Really digging the kit besides the royal PITA it is to adjust the caster and having to drop the crossmember to get the UCA out of the crossmember. But how often do we actually do it? Was also a little head scratcher seeing there's only 4 carriage bolts holding the center section on the outer sections of the crossmember

I did have an issue with the uca making contact with the driveshaft yoke under full compression on driver side. IRO has handled it well and has been in contact with me on the issue. Following the directions for arm length and caster angle when u installed it. I think it had the pinion too high. Gave it some more caster, dropping the pinion down a bit.
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