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Racing against the grain

I've had a build thread on Cherokeeforum for awhile. I like the community better, but never really started a build thread here. So here I am. I'm the marketing manager for Ironman4x4fab, so needless to say my entire rig is of our products for the most part.

Lets dive right into it... 2000 XJ with a 4.0 from an 06 TJ. You can watch my video about the swap here.

So what I am doing is trying to build my XJ to a state to compete in a short course race at the Flats Offroad Park in Marion, NC. These are buggy guys that do timed heats. I am by no means gonna win the darn thing. I am out classed and out gunned in every way, but I just want to finish it to prove a point. Lots of laughed that me of all people, am throwing myself into the ring with Ultra4 level guys. Thats the motivation behind this build, but its just an excuse to document my build over time like I have been doing over on Cherokeeforum.

Current state as May 28th. Just got the rear 8.8 locked with an ARB. Geared with 4.10s (she's a daily driver too). TJ 44 in the front with WJ knuckles. Steering linkage, track bar, tie rod are about ready to go on. Made out of 7075T6 aluminum. 1 Tons of course. Has a rubi locker in it still. Managed to snag a Rubi Air Pump for it.

Misc specs:
231 with SYE, wide chain kit, 6 planetary gear setup
Adams Driveshaft in the rear
Stock driveshaft in the front but will have to get one made
D44 LP in the front
Front is stretched 2" ish and rear is stretched 1"
33" boggers in the rear and 33" KM2s in the front. (Combo for a reason / 35's eventually )
RE long arms (Ironman uppers),
Ironman Steering Box Brace with Sector Shaft Support
Ironman Motor Mounts with Motor Brackets
Ironman Track Bar Bracket and Cross Brace / custom trackbar
Ironman Shackle Relocation Brackets
Ironman adjustable Shackles
Full internal roll cage
4 Fox 2.5 7/8th shaft Remote Res shocks 11.5" travel and Valved.
SwayAway Rear Air Bumps
RE 3.5 coils.
XRC 9500 winch
Yaesu FT8800 UHF/VHF Radio (KM4NVR is my CS)
ARB OBA High Output Compressor

There's probably other stuff but oh well. These pics aren't concurrent with each other so bare with me.

One day...she will move again.. So feel free to join me on my crusade
Ironman4x4fab Marketing Manager
2000 XJ ~5.5" '06 4.0
LP44 w/ARB & 8.8 w/ARB
231 w/ beefy stuff
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