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Drop-out center transmission crossmember


Quick question- I am building a tranny crossmember for my S10. It's 2X6X0.250 rectangular steel tubing, going to go right across the bottom of the frame rails (it just happens to work for my build- need to drop the tranny tailshaft about an inch). I want to be able to still get the transmission out, and I may well build off this for control arms front/rear if I go to links. So I will be gussetting the hell out of it, and plating/boxing the frame in the vicinity with 3/16.

As for the dropout- I figured I'd just borrow a page from a lot of the builds I have seen, and go with flat plate flanges to marry up the three sections (welded-on sections undr the frame, and the dropout). Would 1/4" be sufficient in that application? I will be using 4 1/2" bolts at each side.
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