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Re: The Life, Death, & Rebirth of a Black Jeep

I love getting work done!!

Posterboard templates

Transfered it to some 1/8" plate and cut them out, followed by a date with the drill press and the same 3/8" bit thats been kicking a bunch of ass for me. I decided to split the side piece into 2 seperate pieces since my sheet of 1/8" plate was only 1'x10' and I didn't wanna end up with a bunch of odd, big drops. I got a little idea for a cool gusset piece over the seams.

Flap wheeled and ready for paint.

That should just about finish all the stiffening in the rear of the jeep. I gotta find some long Grade 8 bolts around here somewhere some I can start building the leaf spring hangers. The plan is push the front hanger mount back 3" from stock. I'm gunna use some 3x6x5/16" rect tubing as UBE mounts on the 14b. I'll be drilling the center pin holes with some adjustability to probably push the rear axle another inch or so backwards too.

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