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Found a Jeep for my "street Jeep" project..

1999 XJ SE 2WD 2-door 4.0L auto, 120k miles for $2900. Does this price seem about right? I really want a Clssic or Limited model, but my budget isn't gonna let that happen (under $4k for a vehicle)

Plans are:

-16" or 17" ProComp 7089s in black
- stock size tires, 255/70 17 right? brand?
- tint
- maybe TJ coils up front or cut a coil off to level it out
- upgrade bushings and swaybars
- Maybe a cheap exhaust like Rustys
- debadge it

Any other ideas? Its gonna be my DD/Beater and I am looking to keep the mpg as high as possible. I thought maybe 4.10s in the rear, but I figure I'd lose mpg and thats not the point of this vehicle.
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