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Re: Ouray Pics

Group photo

Carnage from Poughkeepsie Gulch
2 quarter windows
1 winch line
2 winches
1 TB mount at frame side
1 lost TB bolt on axle side
1 Bent crossmember/t-case skid
Lots of dings and scratches underneath!!

Day 4

amazing group shot!


Over there!

Couldn't of been a better trip. Loved every bit of it. Even though I did have to work on the heep about 3 nights in a row because of stupid shit lol. O well. First time to Colorado Fest and it couldn't of been any better. Me and Ryan tryed to help out as much as we could and we sure hope it was enough. Cant wate to go East across the country and wheel some of these trails everyone else talk about. Thanks again to every one