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Re: Adopt-a-Road...

Originally Posted by BlacknBlue_XJ View Post

I also take it there will be dispersed camping on the trail we're working on. Just want to make sure I can plan on it with the mentions of the trail opening in July. Not sure what adoption entails.
Yes, there is dispersed camping. There are downloadable MVUMs here:

I know some people have done an overlay on their GPS maps. I don't have a GPS yet, so I'm still using paper maps.

We don't have any work scheduled for this run. We will pick up litter and fill out the trail monitor form. The main thing to remember as a Forest Service Volunteer, is to be safe and work within your Forest Service qualifications.

After we take off our volunteer hats, we can enjoy other legal, and acceptable activities. I have run this trail system for about 10 years. I haved spied some cool camping spots, shooting spots, and historical sites to explore.
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