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Looking for a vehicle with a wide D44 Rear Axle

Over the years my XJ has evolved. I am running D44's front and rear. The front is a full width axle, while the rear is a normal width XJ D44 running a 2" spacer on each side.

This puts a large strain on the axles and I set out to reduce it. I have a clean D44 housing and I was going to widen it 6 inches to better match the front. The issue is getting replacement axles. I really don't need the super high strength ($$$$) Chromo axles. The standard grade would suffice. The question is... does anybody know of a standard application vehicle that has a wider track? I could match my width to that track or cut down the axles a bit if necessary and could get the axles for probably $175 a piece, or way less from a junk yard, instead of $300+ a piece.
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