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Trough Trail June 5th.

Hooked up with another group that was doing Trough Trail Saturday. We did the optional spur of Trough Your Rocker and had 1 guy try the second optional spur in his TJ on 40's. He was denied, rocks too big, holes too deep and not enough traction. I was the the little rig of the goup on 35's. I spent a lot of time hung up and dragging my rock rails. Coming down Trough Your Rocker I almost flipped over forward. Nailed the gas and got it back on all 4's but popped a tire off the beed. Used the starting fluid trick to get it back on. It took us 3 hours to do the trail and 5 minutes to get back to the parking area (it's a loop).
It's a fun trail. Big rocks and lines that can be as challenging as you want. 2 Optional spurs that can be ran if you want. I wouldn't do it without lockers, winch, and rock rails. I would say minimum 33's.
Some pics

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